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Manage Your Website Faster and Easier

DesktopWP brings the power of operating system interface to your WordPress website. Coming soon!

Greatly Increase Your Productivity

Do Multiple Tasks In One Tab

Access Admin Pages Directly From Frontend

Keep Everything Organized In One Place

Use In Browser Or As Desktop Application

Coming soon!  You can try the demo now.

Multitasking Made Easier

Do you have to open multiple browser tabs to manage your website? Switching between tabs can be very inconvienient and you probably have already too many tabs opened from other websites. With DesktopWP, you can keep all your administration tasks organized in one place, quickly switch between them and open new pages at blink of an eye without losing your context.

Access Admin Pages Directly from Frontend

Forget about switching back and forth between frontend and backend. Now you can open new admin windows while staying on the front page.

Easy Access with Desktop Icons

Admin menu can easily get flooded with just a few plugins installed. With DesktopWP you can create desktop shortcuts with drag and drop to pages you use most frequently. You can fully customize shortcuts, their name, url, icon and choose whether it will be opened in a floating or maximized window.

Editor Integration

DesktopWP integrates fully with WordPress editor preview. You can click the preview button to open a preview window. When you click on it again, the preview page will refresh with changes. Combine it with split view for a live editor like experience.

Use as a Desktop App

Make your website a special place on your computer and use it as standalone application. Or you can manage it in your favorite web browser. It’s your choice! You don’t have to go to wp-login.php, you can login directly from DesktopWP. You can also specify which user groups have permissions to use it.

Beautiful Design

Upload a beautiful wallpaper of your choice or select from 8 color schemes.

Built with Attention to Detail

Coded from scratch to provide the best experience possible

Coming Soon!

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